The "one stop" for people on the go
The "one stop" for people on the go

Motor Vehicles & Fleet

Registration renewal dates are based on the first letter of your last name. See Renewal chart below.

Renewal notices are generally mailed to each client approximately six weeks prior to the expiry of the registration. To renew your vehicle registration, visit One Stop Licence Shop and present the renewal form and proof of valid Alberta insurance and identification. If you do not have your renewal form, you may present the previous registration documents, plate number or proof of ownership, in addition to proof of valid Alberta insurance.

One Stop Licence Shop processes all vehicle renewals types – all vehicle classes, including motorcycles, off-highway vehicles, trailer, farm, antique, personalized, commercial dealer, courier, fleet and taxi vehicles.

Alberta Licence Plate Renewal Schedule

To Get your expiry month of your vehicle(s), select the first letter of your last name from the list below. Note that some names require the first two letters.


Last Name Begins with Expiry Month
A, I, J, Ke, U, X,#* January
M,Q February
B, Y March
D,G April
C, N May
Cl, H, Sc June
Av, Be, L, Sz, V, Z July
E, Gr, R August
F, Po, T September
S October
K,P November
Me, O, W December

To Register all new vehicles, used vehicles, or trailers, the following information is required:

  • proof of valid Alberta Insurance, (not required when registering a trailer)
  • proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or lease agreement
  • new vehicles require the original new vehicle information statement which the dealer must provide
  • acceptable identification
  • vehicles imported into Canada require Vehicle Import Form obtained by Transport Canada
  • an inspection certificate from Alberta Infrastructure is required for all first time Alberta registrations of used vehicles
  • the vehicle must be in Alberta

If you have obtained a different vehicle and currently have valid Alberta licence plates in your name, you may transfer them to the new vehicle.

You can come to One Stop Licence Shop in person, to transfer your vehicle plates and registration. You will need to bring acceptable identification, proof of ownership and proof of insurance (your pink slip or insurance policy) for the vehicle you wish to transfer.

If you are unable to attend in person, fully complete the letter of authorization for the person who is requesting the transfer on our behalf.

That person will need to produce the letter of authorization, acceptable identification, and proof of ownership and insurance for the vehicle that you wish to transfer.

All outstanding fines must be paid to allow access to the Motor Vehicle database. Fines can be paid at One Stop Licence Shop, in-person or over the telephone —saving you the time of having to go to two separate locations.

One Stop Licence Shop accepts payments, in-person or over the telephone, for outstanding (overdue) tickets.

Current Tickets:

fine-paymentA fine is considered current if it is paid or resolved on time, either on or before the due date, or if you appear in traffic court on the due date to contest the ticket. Current fines are issued on Part 3 Offence Notices and are not overdue. They are issued for moving violations such as speeding, improper turns, running red lights, not wearing a seat belt and photo radar infractions. Other fines include non-moving offences such as parking offences.

To pay current traffic ticket, you must bring your original yellow motor vehicle violation ticket and provide acceptable identification.

The Alberta government does not accept cheques for your fine payments so only cash, debit or credit cards can be accepted. Service charges apply to all fine payments.

Outstanding (Overdue) Tickets

If you have not paid your motor vehicle fine for a moving (e.g. speeding) or non-moving (e.g. parking) offence or have not appeared in traffic court by the due date on the summons, you may be convicted in your absence. The motor vehicle fine then becomes overdue, a late penalty is added to the fine and your motor vehicle file is restricted. Any overdue motor vehicle fines must be paid before any motor vehicle service(for example, driver’s licence renewals and vehicle registrations) can be provided to you.

An accumulation of five or more outstanding fines or fines totalling more than $500 will result in suspension of your operator’s licence.

It takes several days for an overdue fine to appear on your motor vehicle record. During that time, we are unable to accept payment of your fine. Contact us to confirm that the fine appears on your record and for the amount owing, including late penalties.

One Stop Licence Shop can provide important help for purchasers of used vehicles…

Make a more informed buying decision…With the help of a vehicle information report and personal property lien search –from One Stop Licence Shop.

The Vehicle Information Report is an important information source when buying or selling a previously owned vehicle. Sellers can present the report as part of a vehicle sales package. As a buyer, the Vehicle Information Report will help you to make an informed decision. The report is not intended to replace a mechanical inspection.

The following information is found on the Vehicle Information Report:

  • Vehicle Description (year, make, model, style, color, fuel, type)
  • Vehicle Status (active, write-off, salvage, or unsafe)
  • Vehicle Registration Dates (date of the first Alberta registration—location changes reflect as a change of registration)
  • Number of Alberta liens
  • Odometer Reading (not always available)

A parking placard and/or disabled licence plate enables those with the greatest needs to use specially designated parking facilities. The placards are issued to individuals who provide proof of eligibility under this program. An applicant requesting plates must either have the vehicle(s) registered in the name of the person with the disability or be a joint owner on the vehicle registration.

To apply for a placard, an application form : must be completed by your physician, physiotherapist or occupational therapist. Once it is completed then bring it to OneStop Licence Shop and we will assist you in obtaining your disabled placard. You will also require acceptable identification. If you cannot come into One Stop Licence Shop due to the nature of your disability, you can send someone with a Letter of Authorization to apply on your behalf. The Letter of Authorization is used in lieu of your signature and is to be used only if your are unable to come to One Stop Licence Shop in person.

To qualify, an individual must be unable to walk more than 50 metres.

There are two types of placards:

  • Blue placards, which can be issued to those with permanent disabilities and are valid for five years; and
  • Red placards, which can be issued to those with disabilities that are temporary in nature, but will affect them for a period of three to twelve months.

A visitor in need may use their valid parking placard from their home jurisdiction during their vacation or visit to Alberta.

A visitor in need, without an existing placard, may apply for a temporary red placard for the duration of their visit. Visitors will be considered for a parking placard and may contact us for more information.

To move an unregistered vehicle from one location to another in Canada, you must provide:

  • Proof of ownership if the vehicle is being moved outside of Alberta,
  • proof of valid insurance
  • and a description of the vehicle including the make, model, year and serial number.

A time-limited permit may be issued to permit the movement of the vehicle without registration.

Permits are not valid outside of Canada.

To order your personalized plate, either for yourself or as a gift, visit One Stop Licence Shop. Allow approximately six-to-eight weeks for your personalized plate to arrive.

A personalized licence plate (also known as vanity plate) can have up to seven characters, either letters or numbers. Personalized plates for motorcycles and off-highway vehicles are limited to 5 characters.

Personalized plates can be issued for almost every registration class except Dealer, Antique or Disabled.

Alberta Registries reserves the right to reject requests for personalized plates for any reason, which may include ethnic slurs, religious slurs or foul language.

One Stop Licence Shop will be happy to check to see if the personalized licence plate that you want is available. This service is provided FREE of charge. We recommend that you have a couple of alternate choices, in case your first choice is not available.

The fee for a personalize licence plate is a one-time fee that covers the cost of the licence plate only.

What do I need to order a personalized plate?

  • You must present acceptable identification
  • Your mailing address–to the personalize licence plate to

You can save yourself the transfer fee if you are purchasing a personalized licence plate for yourself –provide us with the registration for the vehicle that you want to put the personalized licence plate on, when we order it.

If you wish to declare your licence plates lost or stolen and require no replacement, you should report the loss to the police and visit a One Stop Licence Shop’s office to fill out a licence plate declaration form.

To replace your lost or stolen plate, year sticker or registration, you will be required to provide your operator’s (drivers) licence or two pieces of identification as well provide your licence plate number to our office and pay the required fee.

To cancel your licence plates and registration, you must do this in person by dropping by our office. You will be required to surrender your registration and plates as well as provide identification verifying that you are the registrant. Any remaining credit will be refunded by mail after administrative fees have been deducted.

commercial-road-testsOne Stop Licence Shop is the only registry office in Central Alberta to offer complete Fleet, Prorate and IFTA services.

If you travel out of Alberta for work and you’re not sure of the requirements, let our Prorate and IFTA Specialists steer you in the right direction. Our highly trained team can also look after your fleet.

Contact Us and we can help you with your commercial licensing, registration and insurance needs.  Now that’s “one stop” shopping!

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